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At Tyekon Research, we are committed to delivering top-notch research paper publishing services in India across a wide range of domains and world-standardized journals. Our team of experts provides guidance and support throughout the paper publication process, from selecting the right journal to submitting your manuscript.

Our team will also help you in research publishing in the fast and easiest way. Our team will provide endless publication support in Scopus paid/free journal publication, and provide you UGC-approved journal publication help, SCI publication help, and more.

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The best Journal publication service

TYEKON RESEARCH publishers always offer such endless research paper publication options to make sure that our clients are getting 100% satisfaction in our work. Our way of working, and our dedication will always make you publish your research paper in a world-reputed journal like SCI, Scopus, Springer, Elsevier, IEEE, Taylor and Francis, and more.


TYEKON RESEARCH publishers are always made up of 200+ research professionals and editors, writers, language polishers, proofreaders, advisory board professionals, business coordinating team experts, and more.TYEKON RESEARCH publishers always provide end-to-end research support for all our clients across the globe.

Our team will also help you in finding out the best journal by matching all your research requirements,

We help you in selecting, writing, editing, revising, and publishing.

The fast & easy Publication team in India

We just improve your research paper publication and acceptance chances with our team of supporters. Our team of advisory board members will always support us and guide us to reframe your research paper/manuscript as per your chosen journal guidelines.

Top reasons for manuscript rejection!

Usually, the most noticeable and well-edited, and revised articles may get rejected by the journal because of some minor mistakes. Here, we have listed the most frequent mistakes that a scholar usually can make and their solutions.

Reasons for rejection Solutions
Your research paper may fail to meet the aim and scope of the journal.

If you are unaware of the aim and scope of the journal, try to reach us, we will guide you and rewrite your work.

Failed to meet the scientific severity

Try to identify the correct purpose of your research work. If not, you can reach us, we will correctly frame up each section of your research paper.

Tables, figures misplaced, and mistakes.

You can redraw the tables and figures as the journal guidelines and norms. If you can’t do that hiring a professional will be your ultimate choice.

Spelling mistakes, grammatical errors, lack of sentence flow, writing issues, poor language

You should enhance the quality of the language or else, you can just hire us, we will enhance the quality of your paper’s language and make it understandable by readers.

Fully plagiarised paper

You must submit a plagiarism-free research paper, if not, you can reach TYEKON RESEARCH publishers, then we will provide the best help in submitting the original research paper.

Mismatching cover letter

Our expert team of writers will provide the briefand most relevant cover letter that clearly highlights the research findings.

Our Basic publication support for your research paper!

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Team review

TYEKON RESEARCH publishers will assess your research paper and they will understand the concept of your research paper.

Recommendation of journals

Once we analyze your paper, then we start suggesting journals on the basis of your paper and domain.

Editing and proofreading

TYEKON RESEARCH publishers have editors and proofreaders to edit your research paper to meet the highest level of quality and avoid grammatical and language errors.

Journal formatting

Our team will strictly format your research paper on the basis of the guidelines of your targeted journal.

Plagiarism check

Our team will strictly check the plagiarism percentage for all the works that you receive from us. Our team has a zero-tolerance policy on plagiarism.

Journal submission

Our team will always help you in submitting your research paper by meeting all the journal guidelines. Just reach us, we help you with a single click.

Subject matter experts are here with us!


200+ subjects, 300+ domain experts, and completed 20,000 research papers.

life science
Life science

100+ subjects, 150+ domain experts, and completed 15000+ research papers.

Business and economics

250+ subjects, 100+ domain experts, 9000+ completed papers.

medicinal science
Medicinal science

50+ subjects, 100+ domain experts, 5000+ completed papers.


200+ domains, 200+ domain experts, 15000+ completed projects.

animal science
Animal science

30+ subjects, 50+ domain experts, 2000+ completed projects.


300+ subjects, 500+ domain experts, 10000+ completed projects.


200+ subjects, 250+ domain experts, 1000+ completed projects.


Our team offerscomprehensivescientific, technical editing for all your research papers. We deliver your research papers on time with high accuracy. You can get instant help via +91-9629514851

We help you in journal selection, journal revision, design and formatting services, tables and graphs editing, illustration services, and more.

Many of our writers are PhD holders under many research domains, and everyone in our team is a master’s degree holder.

Yes, why not. We provide unlimited journal revision for our clients across all domains. Our team will do revision and resubmission until it gets submitted.

Actually, it is based on the quality of your paper. Once we analyze the paper, then only we can tell you about the acceptance possibility.