TYEKON RESEARCH is basically a research oriented company that provides the best journal publication services in India. We write and edit the best journal-based research papers and provides the fast and easy research paper publication support India. We have both paid and free journal publication service for all the research fields. We offer PhD paper publication help with the help of journal experts, subject matter experts, research consultants, journal paper writing experts, editors, language polishers, quality controllers, and more.


TYEKON RESEARCH is one of the best journal publication companies in India. Our publication services will help you publish your manuscripts in world-class journals such as SCI, Scopus, Springer, IEEE, Annexure, Q1, and more in both free & paid journals. We are here with more than 250+ employers to fulfill all your research needs especially in terms of publication.

TYEKON RESEARCH will be the right choice when you are in need of hiring a research paper publication consultancy. We provide excellent journal ideas, manuscript writing, editing help, journal selection, publication, submission, and more. We are here to help you in both free/paid journal publications. Get in touch with the industry experts today and they will show you how easy the publication process is. We will show you the real publication services meaning more convenient options.


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  • Step 01 You can submit your abstract & title of your research paper
  • Step 02Our team will analyse your research topic & abstract
  • Step 03After that we will suggest you the suitable journal name.
  • Step 04We will analyse your entire paper quality and check your paper with the journal guidelines.
  • Step 05We will suggest and guide you if your paper needs rewriting process.
  • Step 06You can avail rewriting service from TYEKON RESEARCH itself.
  • Step 07Then we will forward your paper to the quality control team.
  • Step 08We will then forward your paper to the journal.
  • Step 09We will provide you the separate passwords, and username to track your journal acceptance.
  • Step 10If your journal ask for a corrections, we will undergo journal revision.
  • Step 11We undergo journal resubmission in a different journal.
  • Step 12You can enjoy journal acceptance within a short period of time.
  • Step 13You can share and promote your paper
Our “10” steps of journal publication involve
  • 01 - Accept your orders
  • 02 - Free journal discussion
  • 03 - Select your journal
  • 04 - Research deeply
  • 05 - Craft your journal paper
  • 06 - Review and edit
  • 07 - Get your feedback
  • 08 - Submit to the journal
  • 09 - Involves in peer-review
  • 10 - Paper publication



  • We feel proud to have our talented team who makes every rigorous publication process of our scholars easy and simple.
  • We stand with our scholars from manuscript topic selection to manuscript submission.
  • We have the following promised services. They are,

    • Pre-submission review
    • Journal selection
    • Substantive editing
    • Turnitin plagiarism check
    • Formatting & editing
    • Journal submission


There are several advantages you will get while approaching TYEKON RESEARCH for journal paper publication. We are here to give you millions of advantages throughout your research paper publication. Just experience the fast and easy journal publication process throughout your PhD research work.

Guidance by industry experts

A team of PhD guidance experts, journal publication experts, and talented project managers will ease your process of publication.

Resubmission support

We will support you through excellent journal revision. We undergo re-editing service for your revised manuscript for unlimited times.

Saves your time and effort

To make sure of fast publication, we undergo quality editing, formatting the content and images, plagiarism checking, entire quality checking. So, we assure you that you will have fast journal submission with us.

TYEKON RESEARCH’s exclusive promise

TYEKON RESEARCH will makes sure that your research paper will not be rejected due to language, plagiarism, formatting issues, and so on. If this happens in rare cases, then we re-edit it for free.

What’s included?


Manuscript editing

We undergo a manuscript editing process that includes grammar check, punctuation, and spelling check. We will improve your sentence flow and cohesion.

Plagiarism check by Turnitin

We do a plagiarism check with the help of Turnitin plagiarism software. We give you a free plagiarism report also.

Formatting & word count reduction

We assure you that your manuscript won’t be rejected due to language or formatting errors. We reduce word counts as per your journal guidelines.

Cover letter

Your chosen writer will write a custom cover letter that symbolizes the significance of your research.

Journal submission

Journal submission experts will make sure that all the supplementary documents comply with journal submission guidelines.


Your research journey will be truly rewarding when you hire TYEKON RESEARCH for journal paper publication. We truly admire the level of quality we provide in each work we deliver.

Our quality focus is uncompromising as research integrity is to a researcher. We offer quality-filled research work at an affordable rate. There are several quality pillars at TYEKON RESEARCH. They are,

Quality assessment

We undergo a complete quality assessment process. We assess each of your work to check whether it has met the quality standards of your university or not.

Unlimited proofreading

We undergo an unlimited proofreading & editing process. We edit your research document until you get complete satisfaction in our research work.

Free demo sessions

Our team undergoes free demo sessions for all our clients who need live explanations for your work. You can commit your meeting based on your time convenience.

So, as a whole, we give you a complete quality-filled research work for our clients. We will tailor your work according to your needs. You can share and take our feedbacks. We make all the possible modifications in your research documement to make it of high quality. We never slip out from the quality metrics of the research. Finally, you can collect the complete quality filled document.

Why do papers written by TYEKON RESEARCH have a 100% acceptance rate?

Our team always committed to have a highest quality metrics for all the research works that we done. Our editors & writers will be strictly monitored for the research works. And also we are proud to have the following qualities with us. They are,

  • Excellent research design and methodologies.
  • Supportive data for results & implications
  • High-quality writing
  • Mathematical accuracy confort
  • Clearly explained terms
  • Contribution to the research field
  • Flawless language
  • Plagiarism-Free Work


How do we stand as the best journal paper publishers in India?

With the stable features of TYEKON RESEARCH such as, a highly experienced, subject-oriented team of journal experts, with a 5-star rating, we serve as the best “PAPER PUBLISHERS IN INDIA”.

We always assure fast and easy journal paper publication in world-reputed journals such as SCI, Scopus, Springer, IEEE, UGC, Annexure, Q1, and more. Our experts at TYEKON RESEARCH are well-versed in the academic landscape of India and international journal publications. We are highly needed by the PhD scholars across the globe for the simple working process that we follow. Our “10” steps of journal publication involve

  • Step 1
  • A form section will be given in our journal publication page.

    You can fill up with all the essential details.

    You can also give your phone number and email to update you with the on going process & price details.

  • Step 2
  • You can get your free journal discussion session from the expert team

    You can choose your preferred journal expert from the pool of experts.

    You can make an appointment for further discussion based on your convenience.

  • Step 3
  • We will analyze the topic & quality level of your paper.

    We will select an appropriate journal for you.

    We will suggest you a suitable journal name.

  • Step 4
  • We do research deeply.

    We check for the quality

    We will ask your permission to rewrite your paper if it is of low quality.

  • Step 5
  • We will form up your high quality paper.

    We study your paper to check whether it needs rewriting or modifications

    We write your paper based on journal quality

  • Step 6
  • We do a final check

    We check plagiarism & we do proofreading

    We do check whether your paper has met the quality standards or not.

  • Step 7
  • Share your feedback to us.

    You are welcome to share your feedback with us.

    You can share both positive and negative feedback.

  • Step 8
  • After doing all the quality checks, we will forward your paper to the journal.

    We will share the separate password and username with you to check the publication status.

  • Step 9
  • Our team will be involved in the peer-review process.

    Your paper will be sent to an expert in your field to check your paper.

    They will judge the originality, significance, and validity of your research paper.

  • Step 10
  • We clearly follow up the publication process

    We share the publication status.

    We help you in paper promotion.

Subject matter experts are here with us!


200+ subjects, 300+ domain experts, and completed 20,000 research papers.

Life science

100+ subjects, 150+ domain experts, and completed 15000+ research papers.

Business and economics

250+ subjects, 100+ domain experts, 9000+ completed papers.

Medicinal science

50+ subjects, 100+ domain experts, 5000+ completed papers.


200+ domains, 200+ domain experts, 15000+ completed projects.

Animal science

30+ subjects, 50+ domain experts, 2000+ completed projects.


300+ subjects, 500+ domain experts, 10000+ completed projects.


200+ subjects, 250+ domain experts, 1000+ completed projects.


We will give you free and paid journal publication assistance. We will give you a 150-day of timeframe for paid journal publication. But for free journal publication, we are unable to give you the timeframe.

Yes. We will. We will assess your topic and write your manuscript and publish it.

We will give you a price quote only after assessing your research work. You can contact our team to get price quotes.

Yes. You will get a working process via chat or email. You can also feel free to contact our team to know more about your working process.

You will get unlimited free revisions, a free Turnitin plagiarism report, a free grammar check, a free cover letter, and more.