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Web of Science (WoS) is a widely used online research database and platform provided by Clarivate Analytics. At Tyekon Research, we have a team of dedicated experts with extensive experience in academic publishing, research methodologies and journal selection, including Web of Science-indexed journals in India. Our mission is to make the process of publishing in Web of Science journals as smooth and successful as possible for researchers, scholars, and institutions worldwide. Our experts provide valuable assistance in selecting the most suitable journal for your work, considering factors such as the paper's scope, target audience, and impact potential. We ensure that your research finds its ideal home, increasing your chances of successful publication.


Avail of our curated list of web of science indexed journals, learn how to check web of science indexed journals. Also download Web of science indexed journals in india pdf, web of science journals list pdf, including a specialized list of Web of Science indexed journals in India. With our guidance, your research is steered toward its ideal home, significantly enhancing the likelihood of a successful publication.

Why is Publication in Web of Science Journals Vital?

Publication in Web of Science Journals is indispensable for researchers. Due to its wide range and scope, the Web of Science is now considered to be one of the most essential indices in academic publishing.

  • Achieving Academic Degrees & Earning Prestigious Titles
  • Thesis Defense and Academic Recognition
  • Streamlined Funding Acquisition
  • Reporting Progress on Grant Program Implementation
  • Elevating Researcher Status
  • International Collaboration Opportunities

For many researchers, having their research paper published in a Web of Science-indexed journal is an aspirational goal. This is due to the rigorous manuscript evaluation procedures typically associated with journals featured in this database. We at Tyekon Research, help PhD students and researchers overcome these challenges, helping them achieve their dreams of publishing in Web of Science journals.

Our Simple Steps In WoS Journal Publication


Journal Support Services

At Tyekon Research, we are committed to supporting the research community and driving academic excellence. By choosing our Web of Science publication services, you are taking a significant step toward achieving recognition for your research and contributing to advancing knowledge in your field.


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About Web of Science

Web of Science, formerly known as 'Web of Knowledge', holds the distinction of being the pioneering bibliographic database. Eugene Garfield founded it in the 1960s under the banner of the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI). Following its acquisition by Thomson Reuters in 1992, ISI adopted its present name, Web of Science. In 2016, Clarivate Analytics took ownership of Web of Science. This multidisciplinary and discerning database comprises various specialized indexes categorized by the type of content or by topic.

Web of Science covers a broad range of disciplines, including natural sciences, social sciences, arts, and humanities. It includes content from thousands of academic journals, conference proceedings, and patents. The platform offers research analytics tools that enable users to perform various analyses, such as identifying highly cited papers, trending topics, and influential authors. One of the notable features of Web of Science is its citation indexing. It tracks citations between articles, allowing researchers to find related papers and discover the impact of a particular publication within the scholarly community.

Tyekon Research

Are you seeking professional editing to meet WoS journal standards for your manuscript?

Turn to Tyekon Research Publications for precise and swift editing services. Our expert team guarantees the flawless transformation of your high-quality paper into a masterpiece through a rigorous two-step editing process.

How We Work?

At Tyekon Research, our approach is rooted in efficiency and collaboration. We begin by examining the unique contours of your research goals. Through personalized consultations, we craft tailored strategies to align with your objectives. With a keen focus on Web of Science-indexed journals, we navigate the intricate process of publication, ensuring your work receives the recognition it deserves.

Tailored Publication Strategies

Each research paper we write is unique, and we treat it accordingly. We craft a personalized publication strategy for your paper, ensuring it finds its rightful place in the world of academic literature.

Journal Selection Expertise

Selecting the right journal is paramount. Our experts assist you in identifying WoS-indexed journals that align perfectly with your research domain, ensuring maximum visibility and impact.

Quality Enhancement

Our proofreading, editing, and formatting services ensure that your paper meets the quality standards demanded by WoS journals. Clarity, coherence, and precision are our top priorities.

Peer Review Assistance

Navigating the peer review process can be daunting. Our team provides personalised guidance on addressing reviewer comments, significantly enhancing your chances of successful acceptance.

Citation and Impact Enhancement

Our experts help you maximize the visibility and impact of your research by ensuring that it is cited and recognized within the academic community.

Transparent Communication

We believe in transparent and open communication. Our team is readily available to address your queries and concerns throughout the publication process.

Publish Your Research Papers in Web of Science with Tyekon Research

At Tyekon Research, we recognize the significance of having your research journals indexed in Web of Science, a premier global platform for academic publications. We are here to offer the best and most comprehensive publication services tailored to free and paid publication categories, empowering you to showcase your research to a wider audience and maximise its impact on the academic community. We are committed to ensuring that your paper meets the highest standards, and we offer unlimited free revisions until it gets published in the journals.

Free Publication Services

For researchers and institutions looking to make their research freely accessible to a global audience, Tyekon Research provides a range of services tailored to your needs.

  • Our expert team ensures that your manuscripts meet the stringent standards for publication in Web of Science.
  • We assist with editing, formatting, and quality checks to enhanchances of acceptance.
  • We help you identify the most suitable journals in the Web of Science, considering your research's scope, impact factors, and target audience.
  • Tyekon Research works diligently to ensure that your journal gets indexed efficiently in Web of Science, increasing its discoverability and credibility within the academic community.
  • We collaborate with you to create a strategic publication plan, optimizing the visibility of your research within the open-access landscape.

Paid Publication Services

For researchers and institutions seeking to publish their journals through paid subscription models while maintaining the prestige and visibility associated with the Web of Science, Tyekon Research offers tailored services

  • We refine and elevate the quality of your journal manuscripts, ensuring they meet the highest standards for Web of Science.
  • We work alongside you to develop a publication strategy that aligns with your objectives, whether it's increasing visibility, impact, or revenue.
  • We assist you by selecting the right subscription model for your journal, whether it's open access with article processing charges (APCs) or hybrid models that combine free and paid access.
  • Our team helps you reach a diverse, global audience through Web of Science, increasing the impact of your research.
  • Tyekon Research assists in promoting your journal within the academic community, attracting subscribers and contributors to ensure its sustainability.

How We Help You?

Our core service revolves around assisting you in getting your research published in prestigious Web of Science-indexed journals. With precision and unwavering dedication, we provide expert guidance, meticulous manuscript preparation, and strategic support to maximize your research's visibility and impact, we navigate the publication journey for you. Here is how we can help

Customized Manuscript Refinement

Whether your manuscript requires fine-tuning for language clarity or more substantial restructuring for enhanced coherence, our editors will work closely with you to refine your work while preserving your research's integrity and originality.

Comprehensive Services

From manuscript preparation and editing to citation analysis and indexing, we offer end-to-end publication services that encompass every stage of the publication process. Our goal is to simplify your work and maximize the impact of your research.

Manuscript Formatting and Editing

We ensure that your paper adheres to the specific guidelines of your chosen journal, including citation styles and reference formatting. Our experienced editors work diligently to enhance the clarity, grammar, and overall quality of your research paper, helping you present your work at its best.

Peer Review Assistance

Our team is here to assist you in handling peer reviewer comments and suggestions effectively. We work with you to make revisions that align with the journal's expectations and respond comprehensively to reviewer feedback, increasing your chances of acceptance.

Effective Communication

Interacting with journal editors can be a crucial part of the submission process. We at Tyekon Research, provide guidance on effectively communicating with journal editors, helping you present your research in the best possible manner and addressing any queries or concerns promptly.

Strategic Journal Selection

We assist in selecting journals that align with the scope and objectives of your research, maximizing the visibility and impact of your work. Our experienced team provides guidance to ensure your manuscript is submitted to journals that are the best fit for your research needs.

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Web of Science (WoS) Publication Across Various Domains

Tyekon Research specializes in facilitating Web of Science publications in a broad spectrum of domains. From science and technology to humanities and social sciences, our expertise spans across disciplines.With meticulous guidance and domain-specific insights, we empower scholars to navigate the complexities of WoS, ensuring their work makes a meaningful impact across diverse academic realms, including,

  • 01. Agriculture
  • 02. Astronomy
  • 03. Biochemistry
  • 04. Biology
  • 05. Chemistry
  • 06. Computer Science
  • 07. Economics
  • 08. Education
  • 09. Engineering
  • 10. Environmental Sciences
  • 11. Geosciences
  • 12. Immunology
  • 13. Materials Science
  • 14. Medicine
  • 15. Neuroscience
  • 16. Nursing
  • 17. Pharmacology
  • 18. Physics
  • 19. Plant Sciences
  • 20. Psychology
  • 21. Social Sciences
  • 22. Space Science
  • 23. Statistics
  • 24. Veterinary Science
  • 25. Zoology
  • 26. Anthropology
  • 27. Art and Humanities
  • 28. Biotechnology
  • 29. Business
  • 30. And more.


1. Can you assist with addressing peer review comments?

Absolutely. Our team provides support in addressing peer review comments and refining your manuscript for submission to Web of Science journals.

2. How can you help me choose the right journal for my research?

Our experienced team provides guidance to help you identify the most suitable Web of Science-indexed journals based on the scope and focus of your research.

3. Can Tyekon Research help me improve the quality of my manuscript?

Absolutely. We offer meticulous manuscript preparation services, ensuring your work aligns with the stringent guidelines of Web of Science-indexed journals.

4. How long does the entire publication process usually take with Tyekon Research?

The timeline can vary, but our team is committed to prioritizing timely publication. The duration depends on manuscript preparation, peer review, and journal acceptance.

5. Can Tyekon Research assist with multiple submissions to different Web of Science journals?

Yes, our services are flexible. We can assist with multiple submissions, ensuring each manuscript aligns with the specific requirements of different Web of Science-indexed journals.

6. Is there a limit to the number of revisions during the publication process?

No, there is no limit. Tyekon Research is committed to ensuring your manuscript meets the highest standards for Web of Science-indexed journals. We provide unlimited revisions to address peer review comments and enhance the overall quality of your work.

So, Why wait? Get In Touch With Us Today And Let Us Help You Make Your Documents The Best And Get Them Published In The Web Of Science Journal. If You Have Any Queries, Please Contact Us By Emailing At enquiry@tyekonresearch.com.