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TYEKON RESEARCH will show you the fast publishing annexure 1 and 2 journals. TYEKON RESEARCH will give the entire format of Anna university annexure 2 pdf download . Our team will guide you on how to publish a paper in annexure 1 Anna university and annexure 2 Anna university. As you are aware already, the papers published in Anna university’s annexure are highly recognized and accessible by a wide range of audiences in India.Is there anything worse than paper rejected from Anna university annexure 1 during your PhD research journey? So, it’s better to hire some experts like us to writing and publication your research paper in some world-class journals.


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TYEKON RESEARCH, the fast and easy journal publication service provider in India, will help you in offering a complete PhD journal paper publication service across all the research domains. We enable you to share your research ideas, and we will tell some suggestions regarding your research ideas. And finally, we help you with the easiest and most convenient research platform. TYEKON RESEARCH is not only committed to providing journal publication , and also we help you to offer a research paper writing service .We write your research paper uniquely and we filled up so many logical reasons to study it. As a researcher, if you are aiming for a high-impact journal, then you need to have extensive research and data collection. So, it’s better to hire our team to excel in your research platform.

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Our team will strictly follow some rules while writing your research paper. We clearly read out all the existing relevant research papers from your own topic of interest. We start writing your research papers by meeting all our quality standards, and we promise that we will offer such error-free research work for you. We highly take care of the essence and quality of your research work. We select your most suitable journal, then we change your research paper on the basis of the given journal format. Then,if there are any corrections, then we correct them and resubmit them again. TYEKON RESEARCH know very well, how to publish, when to publish, where to publish! Just sit back and relax. We will take care of your research paper publication with so much care and dedication!

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Our team will talk with you from the first stage of research to select the targeted journals before writing your research paper. Our team will suggest a large number of journals and we let you choose the best among them. And at the same time, we share some helpful suggestions with you.

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  • imgannexure -research-1Your research study may not be relevant to your chosen research topic and domain.
  • imgannexure -research-2Your research study may be too narrow
  • imgannexure -research-3You may fail to present your research data well enough
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Humans are always looking for a quick and fast way to work. We help you to publish your papers in fast publishing annexure 1 journals. We give you clear guidance on how to publish a paper in annexure 1 Anna university.

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Our team helps you to identify the Anna university annexure 1 journal list pdf. We show the lists of fast publishing annexure 1 journals. And also TYEKON RESEARCH will help you in the annexure 2 journal list as well. We provide both free and paid journal publications in Annexure 1 & 2. Anna University Annexure 1 journal list includes several fields under the following research areas such as urban engineering, production engineering, petroleum engineering, chemical engineering, construction engineering, information technology, genetics, remote sensing, mechanical engineering, computer science and engineering, electronics, and electrical engineering, and more. Our team will undergo a novel research paper writing service for anna university annexure 1 and 2. We ensure novelty, originality, and high perfection. We always make sure of domain adherence and journal adherence.

But, your research data is highly valuable. So, it must be published somewhere. So look for the corrections, resubmit it again, or else look for the alternative journal. So, in order to evade all these troubles, TYEKON RESEARCH will come to you to provide an excellent research paper writing service for you.