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What is SCI?

The Science Citation Index is a subset of the Science Citation Index Expanded. It contain journals that rank competitive in highly-cited core journals. TYEKON Researchers are here to help you in writing, editing and publishing your research paper in SCI journal list. We help you in writing and publishing your research paper under any research stream.

We understand the SCI journal list and the SCI journal impact factor. We will stand with you in SCI journal search. TYEKON Research will suggest you the right journal that is based on your research domain.


When you planned to publish your manuscript, then the first thing you need to do is find the reputed journals that have high impact and good value among researchers. As the professional journal publishing service in India, we strive to complete yearly 98% of SCI publishing services under your favourite domain.

What are all the types of SCI publication we undergo?

TYEKON Research always undergo fast and easy journal publication. We undergo publication in both National and international journals. You can connect with us and get the details regards to SCI journal that suits your topic and domain.


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Know Something About SCI

SCI is the leading and prestigious organization publisher of peer-reviewed open access academic journals. SCI was established in 2004 and they have attracted over 7000 scientists across the globe.



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The Best Free/Paid SCI-Indexed Journals

As the best journal publishing team in India, we have a great name among researchers as the fast publishing help providers. TYEKON RESEARCH have a huge range of SCI journal list 2024. Annually we people cover almost 98% of publications in SCI for particular domains.


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As we engaged with world-class research projects, we were deeply involved in studying your research topic. We help you to prepare for the outline of your research. And just we create a research paper rough draft and grab your satisfaction. Once you approved it, then we move on to the main part of your research paper with the help of highly experienced domain experts.

TYEKON RESEARCH? Why Us? What Is Our Specialty?


TYEKON RESEARCH offers the highest quality journal paper publishing company in India. We provide a fast and easy way of journal publication TYEKON RESEARCH offers a high range of comprehensive research support for your PhD research work. Our team focuses on innovation, creativity, and more. Our team mainly concentrates on high quality, affordability, on-time delivery, client satisfaction.

stepwise procedure in SCI publication process

You can publish your research paper in SCI with the assistance of TYEKON Research.

Step 1

  • You can get in touch with our technical staff to schedule technical consultations with professionals.
  • Please let us know the name of your research article or research project.
  • Send us your information to Compose a Email
  • Next, we will evaluate your work and determine its applicability.
  • After the chief editor of our journal has reviewed your title and abstract, we will suggest a suitable journal for you to submit to.

Step 2

Step 3

  • We share the policies of journal and methods for publishing.
  • We look into the procedures for both free and paid journal publication.

  • Our experts will assess the quality of your research paper.
  • With your consent, we will rewrite the paper if it doesn't match the journal standard.

Step 4

Step 5

  • We publish your paper
  • And we promote it

What is the role of TYEKON Research in SCI journal publication?

The following will be distinctly evaluated by our staff when we examine the quality of your research paper for SCI publication .

  • What is the topic of your research? whether it corresponds with the journal or not?
  • What are your research's objectives so that we can determine whether they align with the goals of your journal?
  • What research techniques have you employed to achieve your goals?
  • Whether the research you've done has enough sources or not.
  • Which negative and positive controls will you employ in total?

10 Common Mistakes For Your Paper/Article Rejection

  • The paper contains un-plagiarized contents
  • Your submitted paper may be under review by another journal
  • Your manuscript may lack key elements such as title, main text, author affiliations, references, figures, and tables.
  • The quality of your paper may be poor
  • Give tables, figures may not be clear.
  • The paper may not be matched with the journal guidelines.
  • There may be flaws in the procedures, presentations, analysis of the data.
  • An incomplete manuscript
  • Over-ambitious research
  • A manuscript may fail to match the aim and scope of the research.
sci rejection reasons

We bring the right expert for you!

  • We will help you in identifying the right journal based on your research topic and domain.

  • You can connect with the team TYEKON Research and get a free journal discussion.
  • You can share your details and get some SCI publication related details.

  • You can mail us at to get a free journal discussion session.

What do we do to publish your papers in SCI Journal list 2024?

You don't need to worry about the paper's quality for publishing in a SCI journal. We at TYEKON Research are available to assist you with creating excellent journal papers for SCI.

You will receive writing, editing, and proofreading assistance from our team of more than 150 research specialists from a variety of research fields for your SCI paper that is specifically relevant to your field. Not only do we write and publish manuscripts, but we also take on your complete research project with the goal of producing top-notch, personalized study work.

Additionally, the TYEKON Research team offers a number of advantages that will greatly aid you in achieving your research objectives. Our staff highlights the advantages of free cover letters, title pages, references, limitless revisions with the assistance of specialists, journal scope matching, and more. Meantime, we undergo clear evaluation of your SCI paper that exactly matches with your journal. We clearly examine the guidelines of your journal, and then proceed the publication process.

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Frequently Asked Questions

It must be less than 15%, and it must not exceeded than 5% from a single source.

To find out if a journal is SCI/SCIE indexed, type its name into the clarivate analytics master journal list search page.

SCI - Science Citation Index
SCIE - Science Citation Index Expanded
Both SCI and SCIE are of the same quality. However, some journals are free to access while others require a subscription.

The duration may varies from journal to journal. But once the work is submitted, it takes between 45 to 60 days for acceptance and another 60 days for publication.

Only research papers will be taken into consideration. Reviews and case studies won't be taken into consideration.

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