Q1 Journals

Q1 journals are a “First Quartile Journals”. It occupies the first 25% of the journal list. The Q1 journals list will be updated every year. It will be updated yearly and usually runs on a three or four-year cycle. Get to know the Q1 journal meaning, what is Q1 journal, and more. TYEKON RESEARCH is here to help you with fast and easy Q1 journal paper publication. Get your entire Q1 q2 q3 q4 journal list for your domain.

TYEKON RESEARCH has the entire journal list which comes under Q-ranking. Download the Q1 q2 q3 q4 journal list for 2022 and 2023. TYEKON RESEARCH team will give you guidance about how to find Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4. TYEKON RESEARCH is here to assist you in both free and paid journal publication. We have a list of journals, where you can find both free and paid under various research disciplines.


Q1 q2 q3 q4 in India

Q1 contains the first 25% of the journal list, Q2 occupies 25-50% of the journal’s group, Q3 contains 50-75% of the group, Q4 occupies 75-100% in the group.

Quartile Total journals
Q1 Journals 8260 Get list
Q2 Journals 15088 Get list
Q3 Journals 21106 Get list
Q4 Journals 25921 Get list

How to find Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4?

There are huge lists of journals available for publishing your paper. Every journal has some procedures to find the appropriate journal. Here, we have listed the procedure to find a suitable journal

  • To find a journal's Q- ranking within a category, search for the journal by its title or ISSN.
  • Click on the journal title in the results list.
  • View the quartile in the Quartile box
  • To find a journal's specific rank within a category, click on the Journal Rankings heading.

You can get the entire journal list with the help of our expert team. Here you are provided with the form, you can fill and get the journal list from here.


Easy way to find quartile journals

  • Journal impact factor is an important one to classify journals. But Quartile ranking is the most important factor to find out the journal.
  • Now, classification of journals grouped into Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4.
  • Q index refers to the rank of journals in a particular area.
  • The most prestigious journals within a subject area are those which occupy the first Journal quartile- Q1.

TYEKON RESEARCH team is your leading publishers helps you in finding out and publish your manuscript in Q1- ranked journal. We will give you a assistance across all the research domains. We have listed some of our frequent domain lists. They are,

  • Arts
  • Engineering
  • Technology
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Science
  • Mathematics
  • Robotics
  • Humanities
  • Business management
  • Accounting
  • Computer science
  • Chemistry
  • Environmental science
  • Material Science
  • and more..

Choose your preferred journal ranking here

TYEKON RESEARCH will give you a top list for Q ranking journals. You can get the entire list of Q-ranked journals under any category. You can download the list here.


Q1- journal lists are top effective.


Q2- journal lists are less effective.


Q3- journal lists are lesser effective.


Q4- journal lists are bottom effective

What are all the advantages of publishing your paper in Q- ranked journals?

There are various advantages you will get once you select Q- ranked journals for journal publication. Here, we have listed several advantages about publishing in Q-ranked journals. They are,

deployed_code_account Professional recognition

Publishing a research paper in a standard journal can lead to professional recognition and prestige. This will give you a way for new opportunities.

group_add Career advancements

Publishing your papers in Q-ranked journals can also help researchers establish themselves as experts in their research field and get recognition for their research work.

reviews Increased visibility

Publishing a research paper will improve the visibility of your research. This will lead to new opportunities, funding, and collaborations.

psychology Professional development

Publishing a research paper undergoes analyzing more literature reviews. This will allow a researcher to develop their research skills.

diversity_2 Impact on Society

Publishing your papers in Q-ranked journals will give you the greatest impact on society. This can lead you to new technologies, discoveries, and understanding that can improve today's world.

Would you like to submit your research paper to the Q1 journal?
How do we stand with you in the entire publication process?
  • We help you to identify the appropriate journal that suits your requirement.
  • We help you to a relevant journal that exactly matches your research area.
  • We help you to confirm the status of the journal during publication.
  • We help you in paper promotion after publication

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  • Journal Adherence
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Why TYEKON RESEARCH for Q1 Journal publication?

You can choose TYEKON Research for several reasons. Our team of TYEKON RESEARCH is fully committed to provide valuable scientific publication assistance across all domain areas. Our team holds highly experienced editors, writers, and publishing experts who are devoted to maintaining the highest standards of journal publication. We offer PhD scholars a diverse range of academic journals covering various subjects such as Mathematics, Engineering, Technology, Arts, Science, Management, Medicine, Life Science, Law, Marketing, and more. We offer PhD scholars with a comprehensive research platform that provides solutions for every stage of the publication process, allowing our scholars to present their PhD research findings to a global audience. In pursuit of these goals, we follow certain principles to publish your papers in Q- ranked journals. They are,

  • new_releases Affordable publication help
  • new_releases We are involved in the peer-review process, journal revision, and journal resubmission.
  • new_releases Free technical discussion from journal publication experts.

Top “15” Steps We Follow In Q1 Journal Publication

As the best journal publication team, our team actively collaborates with prestigious universities, indexation databases, and research institutes, and we are maintainig strong partnerships with them. We have a simple “15” steps to publish your papers in Q- ranked journals. They are,

You can fill out the given form in our website
2Tell us whether you are going to publish in free or paid journals.
3Get the price quote and offer details from our experts.
4Get a free technical discussion session from our team.
5Share your paper details.
6We will analyze the paper and suggest a suitable journal for you.
7We will share a suitable journal with you.
8We check the quality of your paper
9If it is of low quality, then we will rewrite your paper with your permission.
10Our team of writers will write your paper without any flaws and without plagiarism.
11We undergo a Turnitin plagiarism check
12We undergo proofreading to ensure that your paper meets the journal guidelines.
13We underdo journal revision
14We also do journal resubmission
15We help you with journal publication

What is the role of TYEKON RESEARCH for your Q1 journal publication?

We are here to provide publication assistance for all the research areas. We undergo Q1 Q2 Q3 Q4 journal publication assistance for all the domains and research areas.

  • Choosing the correct journal to publish your research paper is an important thing to do your research.
  • We pick a viable, pertinent, and unique topic for research.
  • We carry out detailed and thorough research on your topic of the research.
  • We involve in data collection and data design.
  • We focus on new ideas, and we prepare an impressive rough draft.
  • We refine your research question and organize your research approach.
  • Get sufficient background information and analyze your research sources.
  • Create an excellent research hypothesis and research design.

Get To Know The Difference Between FREE & PAID Journals.

There is no huge difference between paid and free journals. When compared with one another, paid journals have an extremely thorough peer review process. This will lead you to get the credibility of your work. On the other hand, free journals offer open access to readers and it gets varied in terms of reputation. And when it comes to TYEKON RESEARCH, you will get the same publication process but it slightly varies in timing. We can give you the time confirmation for paid journals like 150 days. But for free journals, there is no time confirmation for paper acceptance.


A quartile is the ranking of a journal or paper definite by any database based on the impact factor (IF), citation, and indexing of that particular journal. It can be divided into four different quadrants starting with Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4. Q index simply means quartile which is the ranking of any journal.

How do our clients know that their journal is Q1?

TYEKON RESEARCH always makes sure that their chosen journal is Q1 based journal. If our clients ask for our journal publication in Q-ranked journals, then TYEKON RESEARCH will be your top-most research paper publication assistance. We are also your companion for Q2 journal publications that have less impact factor. Our team also has a list of Q3-ranked journals. Q3 ranked journals are fairly ranking and influential publications. It is suitable for achieving all the scientific goals. We help you to select Qualtile journals that are truly based on the “3” major parameters. They are,

  • 1. Impact factor
  • 2. Citation
  • 3. Indexing

How do we write unique Q1 journal research papers for publication?

We write unique and quality-filled research papers for Q1 journal publication. We all know the entire list of Q1 journals and also we aware of the guidelines and rules of the university. We deeply analyze your research paper and we write the following sections. Such as,

  • 1 Initially, we write your title and cover page.
  • 2 Abstract and introduction of the research problem
  • 3 We include the limitations of the research study
  • 4 We write about the methodology section
  • 5 We write a literature review
  • 6 We include the main body of the research paper.
  • 7And the conclusion.

Publish your papers in Q- Ranked Journals with us!

How fast we are? And how many days we take for Q1 journal publication?

You can hire our team of TYEKON RESEARCH to fasten your publication process. There are several journals that are relatively easy to publish, so TYEKON RESEARCH comes to you at this point to give you a hassle-free experience in publication. Here are some promises we have given. You can just go through it and pace your publication order with us.

  • TYEKON RESEARCH will always undergo a very fast and easy journal paper publication under Q-ranked journals.
  • We undergo both paid and free journal publication. For free journal publication, we are unable to give you the timeline. But for paid journal publication, we can give you a 150-day of time period for paper acceptance.
  • We do Journal revisions with the help of journal experts within a short period and undergo journal resubmission for fast acceptance.
  • For both free and paid journal publications, we can give you an assurance of 100% paper acceptance.
Frequently asked question

1. Will I be Getting free Journal Revisions for my Journal?

Yes. You will get a free and unlimited journal revision from TYEKON RESEARCH team .

2. How can I Contact you to get the list of Q-ranked Journal Lists?

You can fill up the form given on our website to get a callback or else you can directly contact our business coordinating team to get the journal lists.

3. What are all the Convenient times to have Technical Discussions?

We have 24/7 assistance. So you can tell us your convenient time and we will arrange a technical discussion session with you.

4. Who will write my Computer Science Research Paper and who will help in Publication?

We have nearly 250+ experts under various research streams. Only computer science-based experts will be writing your research paper. Your domain-based journal experts will help you in journal publication.

5. Do you have a Money-back Guarantee if I am not Satisfied with your Work?

No, actually, we don’t have a money-back guarantee. Instead of that, we have a publication guarantee.

You Can Connect With our Expert team Anytime for any Inquiry. We are here to Assist you in Fast & Easy Journal Publication. You can Drop your Mail to enquiry@tyekonresearch.com.