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As a leading PhD assistance service in India, TYEKON RESEARCH deliver top-notch editing and proofreading services for your research papers/journal manuscripts/Thesis writing. An unedited research document can get rejected despite having appealing research content. Well-reputed journals including Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Scopus Indexed Journals and publications require good writing style and 100% consistent formatting matching their particular requirements. Editing & Proofreading your research paper/journal manuscript or PhD thesis is crucial, in fact, indispensable.


Let TYEKON RESEARCH become your research partner and provide you with excellent Proofreading and editing services to add an extra edge to your writing. Our team in Editing and Proofreading provides scientific as well as academic manuscript editing services. we strive for perfection in each manuscript Proofread by us. A self-editing and proofreading won’t be enough if you want to be successful in Publishing a paper. An outside perspective from a professional editor will help you to reach the right way for Publication.

Why Proofreading and Editing important?

  • Editing and proofreading are the crucial steps in preparing a final document- before publishing. The purpose of editing is to improve the writing quality by making changes directly in the content such as word choice, reframing sentences etc.
  • Proofreading is important because it is the final chance to find and fix errors before a document is submitted for publication. The Purpose of proofreading is to eliminate mistakes in grammar, punctuation, capitalization, spelling and formatting, labelling and design thus enabling us to convey the message accurately and effectively to the readers.
  • Editing and proofreading seem to be similar but both are different processes with a different purposes. The difference between editing and proofreading must be known before entering into those processes.


Want To Proofread your Document Now?

Editing vs Proofreading:

  • Editing is the process of improving the quality of writing by correcting inaccuracies in words and sentences.While proofreading is the process of correcting surface errors such as grammar, spelling and punctuation.
  • Editing is done at the first draft after writing. Proofreading is done after completing all editing processes and revisions.
  • Editing process may involve collaboration with authors. But proofreading does not require collaboration with authors.
  • Editing is a detailed analysis of content, while proofreading is focused on the quality of the content.
  • Editing removes inconsistency and increases the impact of writing by making it more precise. The proofreading checks the consistency and format of the content.
  • Editing process requires more time when compared to proofreading.

Benefits of Proofreading and Editing with TYEKON RESEARCH:

Our proofreading adds value to your manuscript and assures its worthiness for peer review. Proofreading is the final process to be done before submitting a document for publication. Avail of our journal manuscript proofreading service to not only increase the credibility of your research document but also strengthen your chances of getting it published in a high-ranking, reputed journal.

Our editing ensures the removal of errors and inconsistencies in the document. Our editors directly edit the content to improve word choice, Framing of sentences, and clarity and provide explained suggestions for each edit. They make changes in the words, sentences and even paragraphs to provide a perfect document coherent with domain concepts and university guidelines.

Our expert editing services also include repeat revisions and formatting of your document. It will facilitate the proofreading process of your manuscript by assuring the removal of all linguistic/language errors. Our professional editing & proofreading make the document eligible for the publication process.

Our Editing ensures,

  • Word choice and sentence structure
  • Content clarity in a more concise manner
  • Fact-checking to ensure that the content written is accurate
  • Consistencies in writing tone or style
  • Elimination of all content writing errors to improve clarity
  • Possible enhancements to the content’s presentation

Our Proofreading ensures,

  • Errors-Free manuscript/document.
  • Increasing chances of publication
  • Save your time and effort
  • Provide professionalism to the document
  • Labelling and design of the document
  • Language flow and readability.

What did Our Proofreaders do?

Proofreading is the last major stage of the editing process. Proofreading is the process of correcting surface errors in writing, such as grammatical, spelling, punctuation and other language mistakes. Our Proofreaders are eagle-eyed inspectors who make sure that there are no linguistic errors in the final version of your work.

Our Proofreaders watch out for
  • Inconsistencies in spelling and style
  • Inconsistencies in layout and typography
  • Confusing page and word breaks
  • Incorrect captioning on any illustrations
  • page numbers in the contents
In Proofreading focus on,
  • Grammar check and correction
  • Spelling check and correction
  • Quotations
  • Italics
  • Lists
  • Word usage
  • Punctuation
  • Graphs labelling
  • Charts
  • Symbols and Equations
  • Headers and Footers
  • The logical flow in sentences
Why Should Opt For Our Proofreading & Editing Service?

Our service is designed for academic purposes only and not for fiction or creative writing. Our editors and Proofreaders are PhD degree holders and have a splendid experience in scholarly writing and publications. Our aim is to edit the document possible for publication. Our clients include PhD scholars who have started writing their thesis or have completed the same, scientists or authors trying to get their manuscripts or research papers published in impact factor journals and the like. Read More

We have editors who can reconstruct your manuscript and avoid rejection due to Language errors. We provide editing and Proofreading service for research works in fields of Management, Engineering, Science, Sociology, Law, Library Science, Information technology, Medicine, Biotechnology, Pharmacy etc. Hire our proofreading and editing service for your PhD thesis or research manuscript. Our editors have years of experience in editing articles for journal publications. We correct logical issues and writing styles for manuscripts as per the service chosen by the client.