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Our talented PhD consultants at TYEKON RESEARCH will help you in the completion of PhD degree. TYEKON RESEARCH team gives you the complete PhD guidance & support needed to complete the tedious and time-consuming processes of a doctorate degree. As the best PhD consultants team in India, we serve across the nation. We have extended our wings as the best PhD consultants in Bangalore, Chennai, New Delhi, Coimbatore, Kolkatta, Pune, Kerala, Hyderabad. We give pre & post-doctorate degree assistance. Get assistance for your PhD from the beginning to the end. We offer comprehensive research assistance from the topic selection to PhD guideship. We give customized research consultations with the help of PhD consultants for all the research areas.


We offer specialized guidance for doctorate or PhD degrees in business administration, political science, Management, Psychology, Computer Science, Engineering, Technology, Medicine, Arts, Commerce, and much more.

Get tailor-made doctorate-degree consultation in India. Get hassle-free research works from us.

Get help from PhD consultants to Complete your PhD Degree

Our consultant team will give you an A to Z research help. We will assist you every step of your PhD with professionalism, and dedication. Here you can just look into the various services we are offering to our clients. They are,


We are the best PhD consultancy, Because we have,

  • Conceptualized Consultation
  • Best client support
  • Happy clients
  • More friend referrals
  • Contemporary research ideas
  • Great Feedbacks



You may be thinking of very frequent questions about what is a doctorate degree and how to do that in an easy manner. At this point, you should get expert help apart from the supervisor’s help. TYEKON RESEARCH is coming to you at this point to help you ease your way.

  • We are undergoing 150+ research works currently.
  • We have nearly 10000+ research topics.
  • We have served across 400+ subject areas.
  • We have finished more than 10,000 research projects to date.
  • Our team has 500+ consultants with us to guide PhD research scholars.
  • We have earned 8000+ satisfied clients across the globe.
  • We are helping in paper publication nearly about 500 papers per annum.
  • We worked with nearly 10 Universities to finish their bulk research papers.
  • We stand with you even if you struck with your research project in the middle stage.


Our team will provide research-oriented assistance across all the subject areas. You will not only get subject-oriented research assistance, but you will also get innovative ideas related to the following.

  • You can get the latest notifications regarding 2023- 2024 PhD admissions
  • We will help you in getting an honorary doctorate degree with end-to-end research assistance.
  • You will get ideas about time management
  • You will get the latest updates from the University.
  • Get updates regarding PhD entrance exams
  • You will get innovative research methodologies and its complete explanations.
  • Our programmers will help you in getting the correct implementation program for your research topic.
  • You will get complete assistance online for a doctorate degree or PhD in India.
  • Get details regarding journal updates
  • Get journal suggestions
  • We will also help you in The guideship process.
  • You will get a complete explanation of your research work that will help you in the viva process.

What are all the benefits you will get once you hire TYEKON RESEARCH?

There are plenty of advantages available once you hire PhD research consultants from TYEKON RESEARCH. Each and every research consultant on our team will give a unique experience for our clients that will leave them with a positive review of our company. Yes! We are a UNIQUE, CUSTOMIZED, QUALITY adherence-based RESEARCH-ORIENTED COMPANY. You will get the following benefits such as,

  • 📌 All- time research assistance
  • 📌 Subject-based guidance
  • 📌 Tailor-made research help
  • 📌 Client satisfaction guarantee
  • 📌 Convenient consultation session
  • 📌 Experienced PhD Consultants
  • 📌 Affordable research help
  • 📌 24/7 Research Assistance
  • 📌 Strict quality control


PhD Admission dates

26 July 2023 to Jan 25, 2024 (5:00 PM) To know more details, you can mail to “”

New Rules Of PhD

Students who has completed a four-year bachelor's degree program in any department with a minimum of 75% marks in aggregate or its equivalent grade is eligible to do a PhD program. To know more details, you can mail to “”

Journal updates

IEEE have announced 3 new fully open access journals and 5 hybrid journals coming in 2024.
To know more details, you can mail to “”

Get a Call from us Now


Here we have listed our team from where you can get guidance and custom solutions for all your queries. We have grouped up with professionals. Many of our team are doctorate degree holding professionals and all of them are masters degree holding experts.

Business coordinators

  • We are teamed up with 50+ business coordinators.
  • You can share your research requirements with them
  • They’ll analyze your research works, and assign a suitable research mentor for you based on your research needs.
  • You can tell your convenient time. Based on that time schedule our business coordinating team will arrange a free technical discussion session.


  • We are teamed up with 200+ research paper, proposal, and review paper writers.
  • Our writers have 10+ years of experience in the same area of research.
  • We have a native English-speaking expert to write your proposal and papers with the highest standard level.
  • Our writers will share the possible writing techniques, writing tricks, and outlines with you.

Research analyst

  • We are here with more than 150 research analysts based on various subject areas.
  • Our research analysts team will analyze your research topics and share the cons and pros of your research.
  • Our research analysts will share the research outline with you during the live technical discussion sessions.


  • Our editor's team has more than 100 editors to edit all your written documents.
  • You can share all the required corrections that you need to do in your research document.
  • Our team of document editors will edit your documents for fine formatting and structuring.

Language polishers

  • We have language polishers to make necessary changes in your documents.
  • Our language polishers team is responsible for reducing your plagiarism percentage.
  • So you can contact our language polishing experts to do the corrections in your plagiarism reduction part.


  • Our well-experienced programmers at TYEKON RESEARCH will be helping you in getting the correct programming assistance.
  • We have 15+ years of expert programmers under various programming languages such as in JAVA, Python, Matlab, Python Spyder, Matlab Simulink, and more.

Journal consultation team

  • We have journal consultants based on various journals.
  • They will assess your manuscripts and suggest an appropriate journal for you.
  • You can contact our journal experts team to analyze your research work and suggest an appropriate journal.

Quality Controllers

  • We have the best quality controlling team who can assess your paper to check whether it has the highest standards of quality or not.
  • All your completed papers will be submitted to the quality controlling team to check for the metrics.


  • We are not only your consultants, we are the best service providers for all your research needs.
  • Contact team TYEKON RESEARCH anytime if you feel helpless during the research process.
  • We undertake every research work with the aim of providing top quality and satisfaction for our beloved clients.
  • We will hold your hands even if your PhD research supervisor refuses to help you.
  • We give 50+ service promises to our clients that we never slip out.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. We will. We serve across the globe. You can contact us anytime to have an excellent research experience with us.

Every consultation & discussion session we provide that are free of cost. We charge only for the services we provide.

You can contact our business coordinating team at They will give you updates regarding your university admissions.

As we said, we will customize solutions for our clients. We will work based on the rules of your University only whether it is in India or out of the country.

Yes. We do have. We employ only native English-speaking PhD consultants for consultation purposes.

At TYEKON RESEARCH, We Feel It Is Our Pleasure To Serve You From The Beginning Of The Research To The End. We Stand With You From PhD Topic Selection To PhD Guideship Process. We Give You A Complete PhD Consultation With All The Essential Quality Standards. In Order To Know More About Us, You Can Drop Your Mails To “”