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We offer comprehensive support in custom PhD research proposal writing services. Our team showcases the significance and scope of your PhD research. We provide samples of PhD research proposals. As the best PhD research proposal writing service in India, you have the option to analyze more than 1,000 research proposal examples. Get PhD research proposal writing services help from experts at the best price. You can get the price details and offers through our PhD research proposal writing service pdf. As the best research proposal writing services, we fulfill all the research needs of a researcher with all the quality standards.


TYEKON research will let you know the complete research proposal steps. The research proposal includes your interest in the particular research area, topic, question, and more. We write your proposal that holds 3000-4000 words outlining the research that you are going to undertake.

Our research proposal writing services include only quality writing that has no errors. Our team undertakes only original work filled with the lowest plagiarism level, 100% novelty, and more. “Our team TYEKON RESEARCH will make sure that all your research proposal is 100% unique, error-free, technically well-written, and fulfills all the research requirements of your university.”

What is the format we follow for the research proposal writing?

“A research proposal must describe the investigation and scope of your research”

  • The research proposal is the same but the format of the research proposal may vary based on your university.
  • We accept all sorts of university formats to write your research proposals.
  • We include the following sections in your research proposal. They are,

    • Title page
    • Abstract
    • Introduction
    • Literature review
    • Research design & methods
    • Implications & contributions
    • Reference list
    • Research schedule
    • Budget

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We are the top-notch experts to draw your excellent proposal. We work hard to write your proposal with not-notch quality. You can contact our team to write,edit, and proofread your research proposal.


There are plenty of reasons for research proposal rejection. TYEKON RESEARCH will always look into the major parts of research proposal to make sure that it has no flaws. You can correct all the errors of already written research proposal with the top-notch editors of TYEKON RESEARCH. Here we have mentioned the top “10” rejection reasons. They are,

  • Submission guidelines not met.
  • 02.
  • Guidelines for a proposal like format, length, and content count were not met.
  • 03.
  • Not accurately presenting the research topic
  • 04.
  • Failed to stay focused on a primary research question.
  • 05.
  • Failed to follow University guidelines to write a research proposal.
  • 06.
  • Submitting an incomplete proposal
  • 07.
  • The proposal may contain unreasonable numbers of mechanical defects.
  • 08.
  • Submitting incomplete research proposal
  • 09.
  • Not proofreading the document properly.
  • 10.
  • Failed to meet the domain specifications.

Advantages of hiring TYEKON RESEARCH for writing a research proposal

  • Complete proofreading
  • Unlimited revisions
  • Free technical discussion sessions
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  • Plagiarism free writing
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What are all the steps involved in PhD research proposal writing at TYEKON Research?


What is a research proposal?

A research proposal is a short document that summarises the research that holds your aim of the research, objective, methodology, expected results, and more.

We include the following sections in your PhD research proposal. They are

1. Aim/ Research Objects

Your research should outline the purpose of the research work and the related discipline you wish to undertake your research.

2. Contribution to academics

You should examine how your research is going to contribute to your research field.

3. Values of your research

We will explain how your research work is valuable to your research area.

4. Discuss the sources

We outline which source you will use to analyze your data.

5. Explain your research methods

We include a discussion of the research methods. We include sampling, theory, surveys, interviews, data collection techniques, modeling, discourse analysis, and other methods in our research.

6. Share your study skills

We provide an outline of your study skills in your research work. We include research and analysis techniques, language ability, familiarity with coordinating interviews, experience processing data, and more.

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Creating better research works together!

As the best PhD research proposal writing services in India, we are working together to give you a quality-filled proposal that holds all your research details. We give you a wide range of promises that we carry out while writing your research proposal. They are,

  • Affordable writing services
  • High-quality research works
  • Highly talented research mentors
  • Professional proposal writers
  • Larger pool of research proposal writers
  • Fast work delivery
  • No transparent fees
  • Good communication support
  • 365 days of work
  • Domain-based research proposal writers

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How we develop your research proposal?

We are here to develop a university-based research proposal with the help of proposal writing experts. Our team of writers and editors will work hard to give you a flawless proposal that holds all your research details. We promise that your proposal will have the following. They are,

  • 100% university adherence
  • 100% domain adherence
  • Free revisions
  • Free technical consultation
  • Free Turnitin plagiarism report
  • Free grammar checking

How do we write your research proposal?

Writing a research proposal is always an impressive and hardworking task. You must prepare your proposal with all the essential norms of your University. We take utmost care on writing your first and most impressive research proposal. We undertake all your University rules to write your proposal. They are,

  • We identify your research topic
  • We take care on implementing novel strategies in your proposal work.
  • We write and proofread your work with the help of experts.
  • We do plagiarism checks with the help of Turnitin software.
  • We also do unlimited free revisions.

You can reach our PhD research proposal writing services if you do not have,

  • Sufficient sources to write your proposal part
  • Sufficient time to write your proposal
  • Correct format guidelines for creating a research proposal.
  • Knowledge about writing a research proposal in the correct format.
  • Enough knowledge about your subject area
  • Enough knowledge about language and grammar
  • Any plagiarism tool to check your plagiarism level.
  • Editing source to edit your proposal and make sure that it has no errors


There are various tips we follow while writing your research proposal. Our team creates an outstanding research proposal that makes your university accept your PhD application. Our team will also give you a journal-based proposal without any errors. We implement the following tips strictly. They are,

  • Your title should give a clear indication of your proposed research approach or key question.
  • You should include the background and issues of your proposed research.
  • Research proposals do not have to be set in stone, as research often evolves as work progresses.
  • Think of your proposal as a preliminary outline rather than a definitive summary of the final product.
  • Make sure that you acknowledge the authors of all publications.
  • Give equal importance to your research question like your results.
  • Make sure that the scope of your research is reasonable and realistic.
  • Your proposal should be approached as a piece of persuasive writing.
  • Make sure that your writing is clear, concise, and coherent.
  • Make sure that your proposal does not contain any errors.
  • Proofread and edit your work a number of times before you submit it.

What are all the contents we have in your research proposal?

We will write your research proposal with the qualified team who is having vast level of experience in writing your research proposal. We will always follow your university guidelines to write your best proposal. We have the following contents in your research proposal. They are,

  • Introduction
  • Review of Literature
  • Aims & Objective
  • Research design & methodology
  • Ethical considerations
  • Budget
  • Appendices
  • Citations

How does TYEKON RESEARCH write your proposal?

As the best PhD research proposal writing service, we dedicate ourselves to writing and delivering your best proposals on time. We provide research proposal writing service sample & examples for all the research areas. We are one of the best teams in India because,

  • We write custom research proposals
  • We include a detailed overview of your project
  • We include the aims & objectives of your research
  • We well-state the research problem in your proposal
  • We choose the best question for research.


  • We undergo a very deep analysis of your research topic.
  • Our team analyses each and every section of your research proposals to make sure that it has no flaws.
  • In your research proposal, we will justify why your research work is important and why you should get this research opportunity.
  • A PhD proposal summarizes the research project that you aimed to carry out as part of your PhD research.
  • We write your research proposals that must be short with a 1000-2000 word limit.
  • We include, How your research proposal impacts, challenges, or develops the current field of research.
  • It should hold all the basic information and project goals of your current research.
  • We frame a clear research question that you aimed to answer through a huge amount of study and research.
  • Our writers will write a proposal with the research question, including any methodologies, frameworks and resources required to adequately find the answer for your research.
  • We also include, why your research question or research project is important to your specific field of research?
  • We nail your work with all the necessary quality measures, plagiarism percentage, and more.


There are plenty of qualities that must be available in a good research proposal. Our team has a strict quality assessment team. TYEKON RESEARCH will work on the following qualities to make an outstanding proposal without any error. It must have the following,

  • It includes specific aims
  • It must be innovative
  • It must have a strong impact on the present research.
  • It will propose your entire research work.
  • Result of the research work must contribute the research with relevant data.

  • It must be plagiarism-free
  • It will show a good grasp of the research.
  • Your proposal will state what you plan to do your research.
  • Your proposal will state the clear research problem.
  • It will show the replicability, reproducibility, and transparency of the research.


As we have the name the best PhD research proposal writers in India, we are your ultimate choice of writing your perfect proposal. We are quality work providers when compared with another research team. We have a qualified team of professionals having their own PhD as well as master's degree. You will get fully customized research work that will have all the required qualities.

You can hire TYEKON RESEARCH if you are in the following situation, they are,

  • Very short deadline
  • Don’t have proper guidance
  • Don’t know the rules of university
  • Don’t know the submission guidelines
  • You have a minimum sources
  • If your applications have rejected before

Then, hiring us will be your top destination. We never let your work gets rejected by your university. We always take care of University rules & guidelines to draft your research proposal. As the best PhD research proposal writers in India, we deliver proposal that meets the norms & guidelines of your University. WE MAKE SURE OF 100% APPLICATION.

Once you hire TYEKON RESEARCH, You will get the following,

  • Instant reply for your doubts
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  • 1. Do you need a free-technical discussion?
  • We have a facility to give you a free technical discussion session with our experts. You can call to our team and request us a technical discussion session.
  • 2. Will you provide me a rough copy before start writing my main work?
  • Yes. We will. Our team will first deliver you a rough copy of your work. And then, we will start writing your main work.
  • 3. Will you give me free add-ons along with my writing service?
  • Yes. We will give you a free plagiarism report, free grammar check, free revisions, free demo sessions, and much more.
  • 4. Can I reach you from the middle portion of writing my proposal?
  • Yes. You can reach us from any portion of your research proposal work. We will help you with any chapters.
  • 5. If my proposal is rejected, will you pay back my money?
  • Unfortunately, we don’t have money-back options with us. Instead, we will promise you that our work never meets rejection from anywhere.

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