TYEKON RESEARCH the best PhD consultation team will also do a journal revision process that is used for assessing the quality of the manuscript before the process of publication. Our team provides endless service and also we will check the originality, novelty, relevance, domain adherence of your manuscript. Our team of reviewers will clearly provide a complete base for your research topic. And we will give details about the present state of knowledge. We identify the gaps in your present study for potential future research. Our reviewer's team will point out the main procedures and research techniques.

What do we do here?

We do jounal paper writing ,publication and revision. As the best team at the journal revision process, we provide top-notch editing, proofreading, and journal revision process for your research paper and journal manuscripts. As you are aware already, all reputed, high-standard journals such as Springer, Elsevier, Scopus, SCI, IEEE, Taylor, and Francis require a standardized writing style, and 100% domain adherence documents, and your manuscript or research paper must meet the formatting guidelines and more. The team TYEKON RESEARCH offers the perfect journal revision process by meeting all your journal guidelines. We do journal formatting and we will modify the writing style of your research paper based on your journal guidelines. We do complete formatting such as providing page numbers, headings, font style, font size, in-text citation style, referencing style, and more.

Why should you choose our journal revision service?

Our expert writing, editing, proofreading, and journal revision service will ful fill all your research needs. Our team will work hard on your research work and deliver a high-quality filled research work that will be accepted by your journal in a rapid way. You can avail the best service from TYEKON RESEARCH and always you will get the chance to strengthen your publication possibilities higher. Our team never goes wrong, we will always support you in each and every part of your research program. But we will take extra care in the cases of journal publication and journal revision. Our professionals will work on your paper to make it 100% professional and error-free. TYEKON RESEARCH always implements our 100% effort into the fast acceptance of your paper.

Our core values

We are highly experienced writers because each one is holding 10+ years of experience in various educational backgrounds.

We are transparent in our research work. We never hide our work from you. We give clear notification about your research work every day.

We are so quick in our work. We always meet your given deadlines without fail.We are so affordable and ideal journal revision help providers in India.

We are the leading help providers in India with research paper revision, manuscript re-submission, and responding to reviewer comments.

Respond to the reviewer comments journal

  • Give particulars of the revisions to your manuscript in your answer letter.
  • You must speak to all the point augmented by the editor and reviewers.
  • Carry out any additional experiments or study the advice of the reviewer. If not you suffer that they would not make your paper better.
  • Give a polite and scientific cancellation to any points or comments you oppose with
  • Clearly demonstrate the main revision in the text, either with a diverse color text, by highlighting the alteration, or with Microsoft Word’s track changes aspect.
  • Return the revised manuscript and response letter within the time phase the editor tells you.

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We give a promise on…

TYEKON RESEARCH always make promises about on-time delivery in manuscript editing services. Our team never fails to meet the deadline to avoid disagreements between TYEKON RESEARCH and clients.

We won’t share any single detail about you and your project with any third-party team. We strictly follow clear privacy policy guidelines to work with you across the globe .

Our team strictly undergoes multiple revision processes to avoid last time confusion on queries and mistakes. You can hire us and submit your paper and get an error-free final document.

We are a 100% professional team concentrating on high-quality research work all the time. We always make sure that we get 100% satisfaction from our clients. As a whole, we are the true professionals who take care of your entire research work with more perfection and high quality. We look over your writing process, the editing process, proofreading, journal submission, manuscript editing services, journal revisions, and more.



Plagiarism check

Grammatical check

Unlimited revisions

We do re-submission

Frequent updates about acceptance

Major and Minor revisions

Our team engaged with most professional journal revisions experts to provide support in major and minor revisions for most of the best world-class journals such as SCI, IEEE, Scopus, Elsevier, Springer, Taylor and Francis, Annexure, and more

  • We do Major corrections
  • We do Minor corrections

How do we do Major corrections?

Sometimes, your journal may suggest some major corrections in your manuscript. In that cases, sometimes you need to change, add or omit some sections. It will be done with professional writers and a journal paper editing team.

How do we do Minor corrections?

And also, your journal may also suggest some small changes. Even a small error createsthe greatest impact on your research paper. So by keeping all these in mind, we do your minor corrections with lots of effort to avoid rejections.

Our top points in journal revisions

  • journal-list-1We read a lot your research paper
  • journal-list-twoListen to it
  • journal-list-threeSearch again for more relevant content
  • journal-list-fourRemove troubling or unknown words
  • journal-list-fiveCorrect all punctuations
  • journal-list-sixRemove all the double spaces
  • journal-list-sevenRemove irrelevant content
  • journal-list-eightReplace most relevant content
  • journal-list-nineCheck again for plagiarism
  • journal-list-tenWe do spell-check
  • journal-list-elevenRemove massive or small sections case dissatisfaction
  • journal-list-twelveReplace them with relevant content after research.

All these minor or major corrections will be done within a given deadline. And we keep it ready for the re-submission.

Just don’t hesitate to reach us! We are here only for you! We make your manuscript error-free with unique and most contemporary .