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As the premier PhD assistance company in India, Tyekon Research offers the best review paper writing services to PhD scholars. We offer scholarly assistance to individuals seeking top-notch, custom-written papers regarding PhD programmes. Review papers differ from other research articles in that they do not introduce novel findings or contribute new knowledge to the subject. Instead, their purpose is to comprehensively survey the existing body of relevant studies within a particular subject area and synthesize the key highlights of those studies into a single, cohesive document. To achieve delightful results in writing a review paper with creative work, it is essential to approach the task with carefulness and dedication.


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What Does The Format Of Writing A Review Paper Typically Involve?

The format of a review paper can vary depending on the specific guidelines provided by the target journal or the academic institution. However, there is a general structure that review papers typically follow:

1. Abstract

The abstract provides a concise summary of the review paper, including the main research question, key findings, and conclusions.

2. Introduction

The introduction sets the context and purpose of the review paper. It introduces the topic and states the objectives of the review.

3. Literature Review

This section is the core of the review paper. It provides a comprehensive survey of the existing literature on the chosen topic. The literature review synthesizes and summarizes the key findings and methodologies of relevant studies, highlighting their contributions and limitations.

4. Discussion and Analysis

In this section, the review paper analyzes and discusses the themes, trends, and patterns that emerge from the reviewed literature. It may also compare and contrast different studies and approaches.

5. Research Gaps

Depending on the type of review paper, this section may explicitly identify the research gaps in the existing literature, which could guide future research in the field.

6. Conclusion

The conclusion summarizes the main findings of the review paper and restates its significance. It may also suggest implications for further research or practical applications.

7. References

The reference section lists all the sources cited throughout the review paper. It follows a specific citation style, such as APA, MLA, or Chicago, as per the journal or institution's guidelines.

What Are The Types Of Review Papers?

There are two main types of review papers: research gap-based review papers and comparison-based review papers.

Research Gap-Based Review Paper

The research gap-based review article is developed by identifying research gaps in previously conducted studies. These gaps serve as valuable pointers for future research. However, the author must not only identify these gaps but also highlight how future research can address them effectively. Various types of research gaps include the Population Gap, Evidence Gap, knowledge gap, Methodology Gap, Empirical Gap, and Theoretical Gap.

Comparison-Based Review Paper

The comparison-based review article focuses on comparing existing studies without necessarily introducing new insights or identifying research gaps for other researchers. This type of review demonstrates improvements in the study area and the knowledge contributed by the existing studies. The comparison can be based on the author’s individual opinions, changes in technology, variations in results based on geographical locations, and other relevant factors.

Depending on the subject domain and research area, review papers can vary in writing style and approach. There are three main types of reviews

Narrative Review

Narrative reviews focus on a specific topic area without necessarily addressing a predefined research problem. They survey studies conducted within that topic area to describe a research problem of interest that has not been thoroughly discussed in the existing literature.

Systematic Review

In contrast to the broader approach of narrative reviews, systematic reviews follow predefined study criteria and research questions. These reviews summarize the findings and methodologies used in previous studies and aim to address research gaps methodically and systematically.

Meta-analysis Review

Similar to systematic reviews, meta-analysis reviews specifically focus on the statistical aspect of the research, so-called meta-analysis research. They review and compare the statistical results from different studies to identify discrepancies among the findings and pinpoint potential problem areas.


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Absolutely. We prioritize the privacy and confidentiality of our clients. Your personal information and order details will be kept secure and will never be shared with any third parties.

2. What if I need revisions on my review paper?

If you require any changes or modifications to your review paper, simply request revisions We provide unlimited free revisions till you are satisfied with our service.

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Yes, you can communicate directly with your assigned writer through the technical discussion sessions.

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Certainly! If you have specific sources or references that you want to include in your review paper, you can provide them. Our writers will use the requested sources and conduct additional research to ensure a comprehensive and well-referenced review.

5. What if I need help with other academic writing tasks?

Apart from review papers, Tyekon Research offers a wide range of academic writing services, including research papers, theses, dissertations, literature reviews and more. We are your one-stop solution for all your academic writing needs.