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The research paper focuses on many metrics that must be satisfied by a scholar while publishing your research paper. If there are any mistakes or errors, you might experience a rejection process. Here we have listed the top “15” points for rejection reasons.
  • 1 Your research paper is not relevant to the chosen journal
  • 2 Your research paper doesn’t make a contribution to your chosen discipline.
  • 3 Your written paper may fail to meet the journal’s ethical standards.
  • 4 Poorly written research paper
  • 5 Fail to meet the journal guidelines
  • 6 Your paper may describe poor research reasons
  • 7 Inadequate research reasons
  • 8 The literature review is inadequate
  • 9 Your paper may have methodological problems
  • 10 Inadequate statistics
  • 11 Poorly interpreted
  • 12 Weak analysis
  • 13 Duplicate research paper
  • 14 Paper may have too much jargon
  • 15 The paper may not meet the word count of the journal.

So, in order to avoid these kinds of errors, while publishing your paper it must meet all the quality standards. So you can just write up the paper with the help of an expert will be your best choice.


What are the journal guidelines ?

Guidelines may differ based on journals. But every journal will be having more or less the same formatting rules. Here we have listed some common rules and guidelines of the journal. They are,

  • Paper format
  • Abstract
  • Cover letter
  • Font size
  • Font style
  • Line spacing
  • Letter spacing
  • Copyright
  • Editing method
  • Writing style
  • References
  • Acknowledgements
  • Author contributions
  • Data availability
  • Ethics declarations
  • Approval letters
  • Consent to publish
  • number of pages
  • Figures format
  • Tables format
  • Statistical guidelines
  • Abbreviations
  • Gene nomenclature
  • Registration reports

So, you may get fail due to unawareness of the journal guidelines. Just improve your paper format with the help of highly talented hands.